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Music Lessons
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Private lessons in piano, guitar, composition, theory, and digital recording are given in our Scarsdale studio. Many styles of music including classical, pop and jazz are included. Want to learn another instrument? We can refer you to a highly qualified teacher.

The Keys to Success:

Variety: In order to make piano lessons fun and to develop a deep musical experience, we include composition, theory, computer music, improvisation, pop, jazz and guitar. Normally, we do so after the lesson plan has been covered or if the student has not had enough time to practice during the week. Please indicate your preferences on the registration form.

Repertoire: We help our students pick songs they will enjoy practicing. A wide range of music literature including classical, popular, blues and jazz is offered. Although we encourage completion of all pieces, it is acceptable to move on to a new piece before tiring of the old one. Repetition may enhance dexterity and musicality, but it does not help sight-reading. This explains why a student may suddenly jump from one piece to the next. We encourage a positive relationship between the students and the pieces they (and you) choose to live with every day.

Practice, practically, all the time!

We suggest setting aside at least 15 minutes per day, for practicing. It is short enough to schedule easily and can lead to a longer period once the fun begins... Sometimes, especially at first, adult guidance is crucial. You should help the student search the practice sheet for the current assignments. Other essentials are:

1. Quiet surroundings

2. A well maintained and tuned piano or keyboard (minimum 5 octaves, sustain pedal and velocity sensitivity)

3. Adequate lighting

4 A Pencil

Weather: Normally, lessons will be given when Scarsdale schools are closed for weather issues. Feel free to come to your lesson at your discretion unless we call to cancel. Please call either way.

Holidays: We follow the Scarsdale School calendar in general for extended holidays but we do teach on most one day holidays (Veterans Day, etc). Contact us. 

Illness: Please let us know if you are not feeling well as soon as possible.